Chefs .45 Ranch

Welcome to Chefs .45 Ranch.

Announcing Chef’s newest addition to the ranch..

CHEFS .45 Ranch Armory.

That’s right the F.F.L. Has arrived and CHEF’S Legit and now on multiple additional watch lists with Homeland Security and the FBI.

I will still be offering Sun Ovens, Linville Knife and Tool Micarta Grips, Chip McCormick, and Wilson Combat Magazines.

and now adding GUNS….

1911 pistols from Ruger, Remington, Springfield, Colt and other fine manufacture’s IF I CAN FIND THEM.

I will be bringing in Ammo and will order what ever you need, if you’re local to Chef, I will bring supplies from the D.F.W. GUN SHOWS as I can harvest it at the best price I can find.

Yes, Supplies are tight in the gun world, like trying to find he turtle in Mock Turtle Soup.

AR-‘s15 from stripped lowers to full weapons are on back orders from Spikes, Stag, Rock River and Bushmaster and I am told, 2014 before they begin to catch up.

I will be adding inventory as I can and will order what you seek for a nominal fee.

I will also do transfers from out of state, sales from Davidson’s Gallery of Guns, Gun Broker CDNN and other web providers and do my best to find that special new or used gun for you.

Chefs .45 Ranch Armory will be open Tuesday and Wednesday from 8am to 2pm, by appointment Thursday thru Sunday and will be set up at Paris and D.F.W. Gun shows.

PLEASE Call 214-770-6725 and speak to Chef

Or email at


Firearms IN STOCK

Browning A5 dated 1934
Springfield Armory classic Black Stainless

 Detonics Combat Master .45 acp

Spikes Calico Jack                               375.00+tax


Doug Morris

CHEFs .45 Ranch Armory will be set up at:  

TSRA Gun show Feb 23/24 2013
MARKET HALL Dallas Arms Collectors Show April 13/14 2013
Please stop by and see our weapons in stock and our line of 1911 grips by Linville Knife and Tool, 

Preparedness Pantry Blog

 Even the Government has finally started to tell the people to PREPARE for yourselves.
 You need to be responsible for your safety, your actions and your family, friends and neighbors as you are able.


WE the People are on the cusp of a happening, be it natural climate change, civil unrest, an oppressive or abusive government, an internal enemy or a cold war gone hot, Many of us feel it is only a matter of very short time.

Please join me in Preparing for the worse, Praying for the best, and being the ones standing above the rubble, ready to lend a helping hand and rebuild We the People…


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