Chefs .45 Ranch


Linville Knife and Tool are Chefs prefered 1911 grip, made from fine quality Linen, Canvas and Paper Micarta they're as strong as they are attractive.

For the past 5 years, I personally, currently have  these grips on several of my 1911's and attest to their quality.
Chefs Price is 44.95 plus Shipping 
contact me at

More pics to follow..

CHEF also offers

Wilson Combat 47D and EMP Magazines for the .45 cal 1911 at $33 plus shipping
Chip McCormick Classic Mags for $21 plus shipping
Chip McCormick Super POwer mags for $33 plus shipping

Chef will be offering Parts and accessoris for the 870 shotgun and other Wilson Parts.
We can order Directly for a minmal price over cost  for MANY parts and ammo

Chefs 45 Ranch is also a distrubuter for Southwest Casting quality Pistol and rifle lead ammo.
 SW Casting uses 6% antomony, 2% tin, 92% pure lead alloy for a good hard bullet. We cast and size on Magma equipment and use Magma green lube during the lube/sizing process.

price vary and most major calibers are readily avaialble..


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